Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Mourning - Shrouded Divine : Musical Orgasm

Doesn't matter much which of Metal sub-genres you're into, this album will give you an unique musical satisfaction. For a debut album this is really great! From start to end you'll hear a fresh Progressive Melodic Death Metal (with a lot of influences from other genres too!) music in a very high quality performance and production which gets you into the atmosphere while the vocals perfectly accompany it.
And one thing that is needed to say is that this album surprisingly gets better in every new listen and you'll never get bored while listening to it.
High lights of this album are the two tracks "The Black Lodge" and "In The Failing Hour" which have got awesome and catchy riffs while the other tracks like "The Art Of A Mourning Kind" or "Amnesia" makes you listen to this album everyday.

With no doubt this album goes to the Must be Heard Albums category!

Rating : 99%

Track List :
1.The Shrouded Divine 07:11
2.Amnesia 03:35
3.In the Failing Hour 04:22
4.By Others Considered 06:24
5.Grind Denial 04:28
6.The Art of a Mourning Kind 05:29
7.The Black Lodge 08:13
8.Past October Skies (The Black Lodge Revisited) 06:33

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