Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review : Desolator (Swe) - Gravefeast

After successful bands like Death, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Entombed and others, many bands have attempted to play in the late 80 and 90’s death metal atmosphere, and most of them have failed. Fortunately this is not true for all the current bands playing in this genre. The Swedish death metal act, Desolator, is one of the new bands who play old school death metal, but at the same time have something new to offer to the listener. The band has started with an acceptable demo album which is not perfect in all ways but is a really good opener that will entice the listener to wait for their future albums.

The whole album is not raw old school death metal, and it’s not even like Swedish death metal. There are some tracks on this album that don’t keep the loyalty to classic death, and I like this characteristic. Keep it in mind that the band never claimed their aim was to play old school death. Their music toolbox doesn’t play the same music with the same guitar riffing in all tracks, although the vocals are in the same tone most of the time. By adding some non-classical death metal riffs, the album doesn't get boring at all, unlike many other shitty bands that produce talentless music which gives the listener no wish to listen to them for the second time. "Demise of all Life" is a good example on this album, and has some melodic riffs, while others like "Desolated" are more thrashy. These shifts and changes between tracks are done well and not in an extreme way.

Besides the music which reminds me of some Entombed songs, the vocals are done well. Sometimes the music gets loud and the vocals can be hardly heard, which is because of the production quality I think. Although in such a genre production is not a big deal, but surely the album could be better if the quality was a little bit higher. Speaking of the defects of this album, the drums are not in the music line, I mean when you’re listening to the music, suddenly drum hits get strange or sometimes they get lower, but it doesn’t happen too much so it can be ignored.

Hopefully listening to the whole album is not overly long, with all tracks being less than 5 minutes, except “Antimortem Autopsy” which at the end of the album gets a little boring and repetitive. But the rest of the tracks such as “Second Killing Of Christ” or “Desolated” give the energy and inspiration I seek in this genre. So as a start for an old school death metal act, the band has something to say with this demo and their next album is in my waiting list of course!

Rating : 76%

Track List :
1.Gravefeast - 03:58
2.Bludgeoned, Beaten And Berated - 04:25
3.Demise of All Life - 03:01
4.Desolated - 03:08
5.Second Killing of Christ - 03:18
6.Antimortem Autopsy - 06:44

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