Monday, October 11, 2010

Mors Principium Est - The Unborn - 2005

So I was supposed to put the "Must be Heard" albums here and I will start with an excellent melodic death metal band.
Mors Principium Est are a Finnish successful band which have released 3 Full-Length albums till now and all are pieces of masterpiece.But the second full-length album titled as "The Unborn" surely is their best album and let me go a step farther and say it is one of the best albums in the melodic death metal genre.
I don't wanna go into details and describe the album track by track, everybody has a different taste in music and maybe my point of view on this album won't be the same as yours, but let me ensure you that what you're gonna listen is a combination of great music,vocals and lyrics.You will experience very fast guitar solos, which aren't soulless or without atmosphere but very catchy and melodic.And its not one of those album which all the tracks are the same, you will start with "Pure" which have female vocals beside the Ville Viljanen vocals and after that you will hear "The Harmony Remains" which has got the catchiest riffs and you will continue with tracks like "Pressure" which is fast as fuck.

So what are you waiting for? You're into melodic death metal and haven't heard it yet? Well then fuck you for missing this shit for this whole time!

Rating : 98%

Album Information :

Band : Mors Principium Est
Genre : Melodic Death Metal
Album : The Unborn
Year Released : 2005
Bit Rate : 320 Mp3
Additional Information : Includes two bonus tracks!

Download (Mediafire)

Friday, October 8, 2010

w0es is back is back again! Sorry for not uploading the new albums here for months, actually I wont post new albums anymore.I will upload the Must Be Heard albums which will include the old stuffs or the new ones in every genre!

So keep your eyes on here for the next post!
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