Monday, December 14, 2009

Review : Shining - V - Halmstad

Culmination of Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal

Shining is the band that have no borders to expose the feelings and emotions, even if the group has been labelled suicidal/depressive black metal, the musicians use some non-Black Metal instruments such as piano and acoustic guitars showing no limits or rules for Kvarforth to obey. The first 4 full-length albums were just great and album by album Shining were getting more experienced and skilled, but it seems Niklas wasn't satisfied with the tool box since he almost changed all the band members and this lead some fans thinking whether the next album would be a disappointment. Well the answer is simply "HELL NO".

Kvarforth's vocals in V - Halmstad are really impressive, even something more thanthat. It's as if the listener were emotionally being controlled by the singer.The female vocals could be better. In " Låt Oss Ta Allt från Varandra" she cries in a weird way but still gives an impressive performance.

The use of acoustic guitar provides an inner feeling ready to explode. Kvarfoth's explosion of depression and hatred after acoustic guitar in "Neka Morgondagen" really makes the listener shiver. The same use of acoustic guitar appears in "Längtar Bort från Mitt Hjärta" creating a similar atmosphere in that song as well.

The only Instrumental track is "Åttiosextusenfyrahundra" which is a short rip-off from the Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" without any anger nor hatred in it but, nevertheless, still in the coverage of album's atmosphere. All tracks are really great but if I had to choose 3 highlights from the tracklist, these would be "Neka Morgondagen", "Låt Oss Ta Allt från Varandra" and "Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni". The cover art really fits the album as well with its allusions to hatred, anger and depression.

The band's performance is really great in such a genre. In most depressive/suicidal black metal bands one can't even tell the difference between the passages of, let's say, bass and rhythm guitars. Nevertheless, having skilled musicians and Kvarforth's vocals make Shining a unique band in it's own genre. V - Halmstad is one of those rare must-be-heard albums for the fans of suicidal/depressive black metal and those who like songs which create depressive ,hateful and suicidal atmosphere

Rating : 90%

Review was exclusively written by Kalt.Dunkelheit for link

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teitanblood - Seven Chalices - 2009

Band Name : Teitanblood
Genre (s)/ Style :
Death/Black Metal
Album Name :Seven Chalices
Release Date :
March 2009
Origin : Spain
Download Host : Rapidshare,Mediafire,Megaupload,2Shared,Hotfile,,Zshare
Size : 78 MB


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

While Heaven Wept - Vast Oceans Lachrymose - 2009

Band Name :While Heaven Wept
Genre (s)/ Style :
Epic Power/Doom Metal
Album Name : Vast Oceans Lachrymose
Release Date :
November 3rd, 2009
Origin : United States of America
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Size : 72 MB


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review : Swallow the Sun - New Moon

Swallow the Sun is a Finnish Melodic Death/Doom Metal band.The Band's first work was a Demo Album released in 2003 named "Out Of This Gloomy Light".Then their first full-length album was released in the same year.The album got many top rated reviews and Swallow the Sun was introduced to Doom Metal's world.When their second album was released it got the number 8 on the Finnish album charts.The band did gigs in Finland and aboard.They worked hard and increased their skills and when the "Hope" was released in 2007 it climbed to number 3 on the Official Finnish Album Chart.A year later their EP album "Plague of Butterflies" was released.the album was in Number 1 spot on the Finnish charts in its first week.Now after a year Swallow the Sun is back with "New Moon".Till know this album has been reviewed in many websites and most of reviews have given the album a top rate.Now here is my short review of album and some tracks

As many (or all) of you know,Swallow the Sun has released their 4th Full-Length album entitled "New Moon".The title of the album has nothing to do with the so called movie "New Moon".If you listen to this album for times and care about the lyrics you'll notice that this is the title that fits the album

The band has released some great albums before,but now swallow the Sun is shining more than ever.With some changes in vocals and guitars and drums (Drums was better before in my opinion),Swallow the Sun is becoming more flexible to expose their feeling.For Mikko Kotamäki's Vocals I have to say his Harsh vocals is great,but greater is his clean vocals.The highlights of his clean vocals are in two tracks "New Moon" and "Falling World".Guitars are more in a melancholic and slow/heavy mood than before.But with changing drummer I guess the drum hits has became predictable

My Favorite Tracks :

Track "Lights on the Lake (Horror pt iii)" maybe is what I expected from Swallow the Sun,or maybe is more than what I expected. The first time you listen to this track you'll be waiting for Mikko to start vocals,but you'll get surprised with the female vocal.The female weak clean voice has really made the song more emotional

Track "New Moon" is the 6th track in their 8-track album.Mikko's Clean vocal and the music itself clearly show some changes in Swallow the Sun which I mentioned at first.I'm sure Progressive Metal/Rock fans will enjoy this track

Track "And The Heavens Cried Blood" is a good keyboard experience. if you have noticed Mikko has two different harsh vocal type is really close to black metal vocals,and the other is the type we hear in most death/doom metal band.Changing from on type of singing to the other is really difficult and that's what Mikko has done perfectly.Not only for this song,the whole album is really in control of Mikko's vocal

Track "Falling world" is one of those popular tracks,I mean even those who don't like swallow the sun will enjoy this track.Excellent guitar riffs and vocals.Especially clean vocals in this track.the lyric and music accompany vocals to draw a world that really is falling

Maybe you will see some changes in this album,but the band's attitude and lyrical themes are almost the same.Most song are about grief,death,horror and the atmosphere is kinda hopeless,melancholic and aggressive

New Moon is not perfect in all respects,but surely it's a masterpiece in Melodic Doom/Death Metal and the best Swallow the Sun album till now

Rating : 85%

Review by : Kalt.Dunkelheit

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